Our Story

Our History

Bakeshop Classics was founded in 1990 by Blanche Agyemang.  At the time, she believed the cakes & pastries would appeal to the American expat community but it is her Ghanaian customers that made it successful.  Since its inception, the company has grown steadily each year.  The company has delivered delicious cakes and pastries to many grateful customers, VIP’s and royalty.  The staff has grown to over forty employees and remains busy year round.

Our Philosophy

At Bakeshop Classics we are committed to delivering great products and excellent service to our customers. Our success depends on a good understanding of our customers, enabling us to meet their needs.  We only sell products we are proud of. From our choice of ingredients to the care and time in making realizing your unique creations.  If we are not satisfied with a product, we will not sell it. Honesty is our best policy and we strive to be truthful and honest in all our dealings with our customers. We do not cut corners in favor of meeting short term goals. Although our company is comprised of many individuals, we work as a team, dedicated to meeting your needs and are always ready to help in any way we can.